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Portable design dispenser designed for in the car

  • Worldwide breakthrough in hand disinfection
  • It doesn’t drip, has interchangeable sleeves and is beautiful, really beautiful

Choose your favorite DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue

The DRIPPERDRIP® is a worldwide breakthrough in hand hygiene. A virus free world starts at the source and that’s you. The DRIPPERDRIP® offers you and your surroundings both safety and confidence, with the very best disinfection alcohol. Buy a 5 pack of cartridges today and just pay for 4.

The DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue is the only patented portable (22.5 cm in height) automatic dispenser in the world that fits perfectly in the car’s cupholder, does not leak, has an adjustable motion detector and is able to give you exactly the look that suits your unique situation. At home, at work or in the car, on vacation, at the gym and on the porch. You can get the interchangeable sleeve ( exterior ) in different materials, colors and looks and you can change it as often as you want.

Pre-order your DRIPPERDRIP® now and be assured of delivery in 2020.

Delivery will take place from mid-November and on the basis of incoming reservations.

Check out DRIPPERDRIP® the movie

The DRIPPERDRIP ® is multi-functional. You can use it at home, at the office, in restaurants, gyms, hotels, in the car etc. Disinfectionhas become increasingly important. With the DRIPPERDRIP® you have a stylish dispenser that will last for years and is the only dispenser in the world that you can adapt to any surrounding and use, thanks to the interchangeable sleeve. It has been developed especially for alcoholor peroxidebased disinfectants, but you can also use all kinds of soaps and body-creams. In short, exactly what everyone needs who considers hand disinfection and hygiene as very important. Or rather: a must for everyone! In the product movie below you will immediately see how greatthe DRIPPERDRIP® is.

DRIPPERDRIP® protects against deadly viruses such as COVID-19

The very best alcohol gel, simply in cartridges

Everybody knows the poles with plastic dispensers on them, which can be found in restaurants, offices and other public spaces. You have no idea what you’re putting on your hands and whether it really kills those bacteria and viruses at all. Some stuff sticks, others smells like yeast, some smell so good that apparently there is no disinfectant in it as just a liquid with Aloe Vera. For your DRIPPERDRIP® you buy the very best alcohol gel in cartridges that you can easily place in your DRIPPERDRIP®. It’s easy, it’s safe, it’s familiar.


Choose one or more additional sleeves

The DRIPPERDRIP® comes standard in the color and finish of your choice. Would you like to get an extra sleeve in another color, print or metal ? DRIPPERDRIP® has developed several sleeves (the exterior) so you can customize your DRIPPERDRIP® just like you would your cell phone, how cool is that ?

What makes the DRIPPERDRIP® Dispenser so unique?

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DRIPPERDRIP Vogue dispenser Forever Aluminium maten


Turn your lighting on or off and set the intensity.

Motion Sensor

The motion detector in the mouth of the dispenser detects when someone passes by. You can set it up yourself how far it can detect. Upon detection, the lights in the mouth turn on and you hear a beep. This way, no one forgets to disinfect.

Anti-drop design

DRIPPERDRIP® has a patent on the anti-drop design. You put your hand in the mouth. If your hand is not straight underneath it, your car or desk is not covered in alcohol…. Generally speaking desks and cars don’t like that very much.

Fully automatic with the best motors and sensors

The sensor that detects your hand in the mouth of the dispenser reacts in less than 0.25 sec, after which the dispenser drops the set dose of alcohol gel right on your hands. The pump is designed to do this at least 50,000 times.

All functions have simple buttons

  • light on/off, check!
  • Intensity high/low, check!
  • Battery still full…check.
  • Just a little more or less alcohol gel or soap on my hands, check!
  • Motion detector on/off, check!
  • Sound on/off, check!

Refills come in easy cartridges

No messy refilling of the dispenser. Empty cartridge goes out and a full one goes in. Really easy. The cartridges are specially designed for the DRIPPERDRIP®. The use of cartridges other than DRIPPERDRIP® cartridges voids the warranty.

Connection for wristband and accessories.

You can personalize your DRIPPERDRIP® even further by attaching your own wristband or jewelry to the backbone using the specially designed connection.

Luxury design wall bracket

The DRIPPERDRIP® also has a design wall bracket. You can place your Dispenser anywhere!

Interchangeable sleeves

The DRIPPERDRIP® has a great sleeve that you can change as much as you want with another sleeve you bought.

The DRIPPERDRIP® VOGUE Automatic Alcohol Dispenser

DRIPPERDRIP - Giftbox - Alcohol dispenser

Give a DRIPPERDRIP® GIFT, it doesn't get more original than that!