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About us

If only there was something convenient that you could use every day so we can reduce the Corona virus

The Corona virus has raised hygiene awareness. Even on a global scale. Still, we are all surprised every time there is an outbreak and we don’t have a good personal solution to prevent it from spreading. At least, until today!

Dripperdrip makes it accessible for everyone, both for private and business purposes, to optimally protect themselves, their loved ones and society as a whole against viruses and bacteria as well as the spread of these. We achieve this thanks to a technologically unique, affordable and user-friendly portable dispenser with certified disinfection, soap and skin care products with a fashionable look. Use your own DRIPPERDRIP® every day while at home, at work or in the car and viruses won’t stand a chance.

Who we are

DRIPPERDRIP® is an innovative Dutch company for automatic alcohol and soap dispensers and associated luxury and practical accessories and high-quality cosmetic and biocide products for both individuals and companies. Where worldwide all dispensersare made to be especially functional, we have been able to make a great innovative combination between functional design, fashionable appearance and high quality materials.

How it all started...


DRIPPERDRIP® was founded in May 2020, two months after the global outbreak of COVID-19. The pandemic that turned the whole world upside down and changed mankind in their actions, ways, thoughts and feelings. The company of inventor René van de Poel, which was festival related, also suffered some serious blows when there were no more festivals out of the blue. This resulted in a quick search for other possibilities to keep afloat. But there’s no point in searching, some things will simply come to you.

From idea to concept

At some point all hand disinfection was sold out and René tried to buy a nice handy automatic alcohol dispenser for his car so that he could disinfect his hands whenever he had been somewhere. This turned out to be a pipe dream. He quickly realized, after days of searching on Google, that handy dispensers were not thought out and designed for the use of alcohol gel and especially not for consumers. There was no automatic dispenser for the car and all the other dispensers for sale were actually designed to be used in the kitchen or bathroom and could usually not be combined with alcohol. These dispensers all had a spout on the exterior which would drip on your desk or on the interior of the car and you really don’t want that to happen when using alcohol. It corrodes, dissolves paintwork, etc.


René was looking for a solution to this problem and got behind the drawing board, creating an automatic alcohol dispenser for use in the car. With this idea and some rough sketches under his arm he went looking for the right specialists/partners to complete his team and soon found the interest of a great designer, Joep Verheijen who had exactly the same inspiration; clean lines, inspired by B&O and Apple. Together they designed a fantastic high-quality dispensing line and had it developed by the fourth partner, Edwin van de Weijdeven of Total Support Group. Our team now consists of 4 specialists:

From left to right:
  1. Joep Verheijen (Design)
  2. Edwin van de Weijdeven (Development)
  3. Christian van der Sanden (Logistics)
  4. René van de Poel (founder/inventor)

From there, the DRIPPERDRIP® has evolved into a multifunctional fashionable design dispenser, to use at home, at work or in the car, and of course at school, in the restaurant, on vacation, in the cab and so on. A big brother of the DRIPPERDRIP® was developed for the corporate sector, the DRIPPERDRIP® XL. That will not be the only development to come, DRIPPERDRIP® has the intention and potential to become the largest supplier of fashionable dispensers and associated products worldwide.


Inspired by today’s fashion trends, every day we come up with new applications and accessoriesthat make DRIPPERDRIP® dispensers more attractive, more beautiful, easier and better. Starting now, a soap/alcohol dispenser will never again be boring, ugly and clinical. With the DRIPPERDRIP® at your side you have the very best way to keep 99% of the viruses out, and you do that with a beautiful product line that everyone wants and that you can customize to your own style, every day. Where the design and feeling of all materials is in harmony with the functionality.