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B2B market

We have also developed the perfect portable dispenser for the corporate market.


The DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue Dispenser is particularly suitable for placement at various locations in the home. Consider restaurants, stores, public toilets, hotel rooms, in the stairwell, in office spaces, in the cab, at your desk, at work, at the doctor’s, the physio etc. One cartridgein the Vogue can hold about 200

dosages. You use a cartridge with alcohol gel (disinfectant with virus claim) that you can easily replace. You can place it standing up or hang it on the wall using our wall bracket (screw or glue).

Hotel room


Special features

The Vogue has some special features that make it a unique dispenser:

Motion detector: In the mouth of the dispenser there is a motion detector that detects any movement up to 2 meters. This detector controls the computer and emits a light and sound signal. The mouth is illuminated and the sound reminds the customer to clean his or her hands.

Get rid of those big signs above ugly dispensers that tell the customer to disinfect. The sound signal is subtle and matches the subtle stylish appearance of the DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue dispenser.

Of course it indicates when the cartridgeis almost empty and also lets you know when the batteries are almost ready to be replaced. In addition, you can set the amount of disinfectant. In short, a practical, beautiful and intelligent design. The only stylish disinfection dispenser in the world that you can get in any color or material, even with your own logo, print or design that we can design for you.


The DRIPPERDRIP XL® and DRIPPERDRIP® STANDD-UP are for the more demanding work and will be available soon (keep an eye on the website). This design dispenser has the same look and feel and features as the VOGUE but is a few sizes larger and can handle large groups of people. Up to 800 doses with 1 cartridge.

You can use it in hotel lobbies, the entrance to large offices, cinemas, supermarkets, gyms, etc.

If you would like to order more than 30 DRIPPERDRIP®’sand have specific requirements, please contact our account managers. They are authorized to make agreements, and have the knowledge to answer all your questions and think along with you to come up with great solutions.