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Vogue Sleeves High Gloss

Choose your favorite DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue here Sleeves High Gloss. All our sleeves consist of two parts, you slide one part from underneath the DRIPPERDRIP® dispenser up to the mouth and the second part from the top down to the bottom of the mouth. Made of high quality hardened ABS plastic.


Type sleeve: High gloss
  • Piano Black
  • Milky White
  • Ferrari Red
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DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue Sleeves High Gloss

We also paid a great deal of attention to our standard sleeve. Every DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue Sleeves High Gloss deserves high end quality attention regardless of color or print. Our High Gloss Black and High Gloss White are the most neutral colors that truly come into their own in every situation. In order to also offer a contrasting high gloss color, we added Ferrari red. This eye-catching appearance will make heads turn.

The sleeves with the solid glossy colors fit perfectly around the DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue dispenser. This makes the DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue Sleeves High Gloss and the dispenser a solid entity. Because the DRIPPERDRIP® is mobile and can be taken anywhere, this also means that it must be able to take a knock. The material is fairly scratch and impact resistant so you won’t easily see damage. This also ensures that the DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue Sleeves High Gloss always looks clean.

DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue Sleeves High Gloss consists, like all other sleeves, of two parts. Slide one part from underneath the DRIPPERDRIP® dispenser up to the mouth and the second part from the top down to the bottom of the mouth. This makes the first and second part of the sleevecome together which makes it look like one whole.

Piano black

This DRIPPERDRIP® sleeve has a beautiful deep black color that can be integrated into the surrounding undisturbed. Whether you’re in a car, at the gym next to the device or, for example, on the table at your home or office. This high gloss black color will hardly ever look out of place or clash with other objects that are nearby. For this reason alone this is a perfect standard color for the DRIPPERDRIP® dispenser.

Milky white

The only color that matches all other colors is white. This sleeve can be placed in any surrounding without being noticed. 90% of all conceivable spaces have white walls and most of the kitchens are still (high gloss) white. For this reason alone, the high gloss white almost never looks out of place. Also on the road or at your destination, this neutral color will match well with the surroundings.

Ferrari red

Very outspoken but very chic, that’s our Ferrari red high gloss sleeve. If you are looking for a DRIPPERDRIP® that stands out, then you have come to the right place. This deep and bright red color immediately draws people’s attention to this striking appearance. We believe that everyone is allowed to see this beautiful DRIPPERDRIP®.


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