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Alcohol gel cartridge

DRIPPERDRIP® Ultra Soft alcohol disinfection gel and hand cream in 1 is a unique formula and the very best disinfection gel available on the European market. Produced and developed in the Netherlands and Europe. This gel meets all European standards.

  • Kill 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses
  • Based on ethanol (71.5%)
  • Cleaning without waterand you do not need to rinse or dry your hands
  • Effective against MRSA, Norovirus, BVDV, Mexican Flu and COVID-19, among others.
  • Dermatologically responsible for a sensitive skin


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DRIPPERDRIP® ULTRA SOFT disinfection gel

The alcohol gel cartridge of the DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue Dispenser is a pouch (refill) with a patented connection that fits perfectly in the DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue Dispenser. The Ultra Soft alcohol gel and hand cream in 1 of DRIPPERDRIP® is the very best ethanol-based alcohol gel (71.5%) available on the European market. Produced and developed in the Netherlands and Europe and meets all European standards. The disinfection gel is odorlessand therefore has no perfumes added. As a result, it can also be used in the food industry and is great for people who are allergic. The Ultra Soft alcohol gel is one of the mildest disinfectants on the market. Even if you disinfect your hands 100 times a day, your hands won’t notice the difference. Each time your hands are nourished with the special ingredients in the Ultra Soft. The Ultra Soft alcohol gel is, among others, effective against MRSA, Norovirus, BVDV, Mexican Flu and COVID-19 and has around 200 doses per cartridge.

How to place the cartridge in the Vogue Dispenser?

Placing the cartridge is a simple and easy job. However, you must first read through the user manual of the dispenser carefully so that you can use your DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue for a very long time.

Follow these steps:

  • Remove the lower sleeveby turning it half a turn and slide it downwards. You can take it off completely and put it aside.
  • Then you take your cartridgeand hold it upside down (so with the plastic spout facing down).
  • Then slide the cartridge over the protrusion in the dispenser until it clicks. The cartridge is equipped with a patented system that prevents alcohol from spilling out, except when it is fully slid over the protrusion into the dispenser.
  • You now make sure the cartridge fits well against the dispenser and carefully slide the sleeve back over the dispenser. Make sure the cartridge is within the sleeve and nowhere in between.
  • Then retighten the sleeve and your DRIPPERDRIP® is ready to use.
  • Please note that there may always be a little bit of air added during the change, so that the dispenser can bubble once. Just put your hands under it one more time and you can enjoy this amazing and nourishing hand gel again.

How to use this hand gel?

The DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue dispenser doses the correct amount of alcohol gel on your hand when you put your hand in the mouth of the dispenser. You can also adjust the dispenser to more or less. Less is not recommended because then the alcohol gel is not sufficiently effective. Of course more is possible, if it makes you feel more comfortable.

When the hand gel is on your hands, rub your hands, according to the symbols below, for at least 30 sec. Make sure that all skin folds are touched properly and that your hands remain moist during the entire exposure time. It is also necessary to hit both the bottom of your arms and wrists. Then let your hands dry well.

Dripperdrip gel handen desinfecteren instructies 1 Dripperdrip gel handen desinfecteren instructies 2 Dripperdrip gel handen desinfecteren instructies 3Dripperdrip gel handen desinfecteren instructies 4 1Dripperdrip gel handen desinfecteren instructies 5

What is the best way to disinfect your hands?

The best way to disinfect your hands is to make sure you’re working with the right tools. In today’s market there are an enormous number of cowboys who offer resources that are malfunctioning or worse yet, have no effect. There are also substances that affect the structure of your hands. So it is very important that you know what you are using. The disinfection alcohol gels of DRIPPERDRIP® have been specially developed in the Netherlands to effectively kill bacteria and viruses and also to ensure that the hands are nourished, so that prolonged use does not damage the hands and the rest of the body.

All our products are produced in the Netherlands and Europe under the highest requirements and European standards. This production takes place at one of the largest producers in Europe and therefore market leader in the field of cleansing agents, skin care products and disinfectants. The alcohol gel, specially developed for our DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue dispensers, is a hand disinfectant liquid based on ethanol (71.5%). DRIPPERDRIP® ALCOHOLGEL ULTRA SOFT is effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms.

  • The Ethanol of the DRIPPERDRIP® ALCOHOLGEL ULTRA SOFT is a highly efficient disinfectant. DRIPPERDRIP® ALCOHOLGEL ULTRA SOFT is highly effective against resident and transient flora such as bacteria, fungi, yeasts and viruses. In addition, DRIPPERDRIP® ALCOHOLGEL ULTRA SOFT contains a great skin softener, which cares for and nourishes the skin, making this product very suitable for frequent use, especially for individuals who place high demands on the care of their hands.
    DRIPPERDRIP® ALCOHOLGEL ULTRA SOFT is especially suitable for hygienic hand disinfection and is preferably used in combination with a mild moisturizing hand cream from the DRIPPERDRIP® line of care products. DRIPPERDRIP® ALCOHOLGEL ULTRA SOFT is unscented, so it does not affect the taste of food. This makes DRIPPERDRIP® ALCOHOLGEL ULTRA SOFT also particularly suitable for food preparation areas. The product complies with all European standards for disinfection. Use biocides safely. Read the label and product information before use.
  • Liquid product, no water needed, so it can be used anywhere.
  • Complies with the European standards for disinfection.
  • Effective against MRSA, Norovirus, BVDV and Mexican Flu and COVID-19, among others.
  • Is offered in cartridges of about 200 doses.


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