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The DRIPPERDRIP® alcohol dispensers are exclusively available on our website. DRIPPERDRIP® has developed the world’s finest disinfection and soap dispensers which can be fully personalized using a variety of sleeves/covers and accessories. These sleeves are easy to change, giving you a great new look for every setting.

DRIPPERDRIP® dispensers

DRIPPERDRIP® has developed the world’s finest automatic handheld disinfection dispenser. The inventor of the DRIPPERDRIP® couldn’t understand why all dispensers on the market had such an ugly clinical design. After all, a Dispenser is becoming more and more important and plays an increasingly important role in our lives. That’s why DRIPPERDRIP® has developed a new dispenser that fits in every setting, is available in every color or with a cool print and also comes in a great metal finish. The DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue was born.

Meanwhile, the design and development team is also working on the bigger brother of the DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue i.e. the DRIPPERDRIP® XL and the DRIPPERDRIP® Standup. The latter two are primarily for the corporate market and will be equipped with specific IOT (Internet Of Things) tools, so that they can also be read remotely. If you keep an eye on the website or subscribe to the newsletter, we will let you know when these larger dispensers will be introduced.

DRIPPERDRIP® has already been named as the most creative startup in times of COVID-19 in which people and businesses are driven to the limit to survive and stay healthy and to ensure that new ideas and other ways of thinking are turned into reality. With the new Dispenser line and skincare products, DRIPPERDRIP® perfectly meet the needs of the moment. Innovative, creative, rethinking, converting, success and market scope.

Design and functionality

We have paid a lot of attention to the design of the DRIPPERDRIP® alcohol dispenser. Design is very important, it should look stylish and fit into any environment. That’s why we’ve chosen a sleek design and you can fully customize your DRIPPERDRIP® with your own sleeve/case.

Each DRIPPERDRIP® will also be equipped with a motion sensor that detects a person passing by. When the detection mode is on, the DRIPPERDRIP® emits an audible and light signal to tell the passer-by to clean or disinfect their hands.

Every DRIPPERDRIP® is expandable with cool accessories so you can personalize it even further.

Design and functionality

The DRIPPERDRIP® alcohol dispensers work exclusively with cartridges developed specifically for DRIPPERDRIP® . Check the price-table at checkout to see how much discount you can get on your purchase if you buy multiple products at once. Then you have security and you benefit from a great discount too.

DRIPPERDRIP® Warranty and Service

At DRIPPERDRIP® we don’t make things difficult. We also believe we offer great service and we don’t like grumpy people, because our product and our company are way too cool for that. We want to make life easier and more enjoyable. So we like to have a good time, a big smile on everyone’s face and what better way to do that than to give a 2 year no-nonsense warranty on your DRIPPERDRIP® purchase. If your product doesn’t work anymore and you haven’t played soccer with it, you can register your product with the warranty form on the website and send it to us. If your DRIPPERDRIP® is not defective due to careless use, we will send you a new one immediately. Please note, you will be sent the backbone without the sleeve.

This way we keep everyone happy and everyone can use the most stylish dispensers available on the market for a long time to come.