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Vogue Sleeves Matte

The DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue Sleeves Mattein matte colors give the DRIPPERDRIP® dispensers a modern and chic look. The choice of many modern colors ensures that there is a suitable color for every setting, taste or personal preference. Made of high quality hardened ABS plastic.


Type sleeve: Mat
  • Milky White
  • Just Pink
  • Apple Green
  • Ocean Blue
  • Soft rose
  • New Orange
  • Ferrari red
  • Perfect Grey
  • Army green
  • Piano black
  • Mistic Grey
  • Desert Taupe
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DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue Sleeves Matte

Less conspicuous but certainly no less stylish, the DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue Sleeves Matte. The matte colors give the DRIPPERDRIP® dispensers a modern and chic look. They will attract attention in a positive way when they are present in the space, which is of course a positive. One should see the DRIPPERDRIP® dispenser and know that it can be used but does not need to be too present.

The advantage of a DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue Sleeves Matte is that fingerprints are less easily visible, making it the ideal sleeve for when you always carry your DRIPPERDRIP® with you. At home, in the office or at the gym, you hold your DRIPPERDRIP® several times a day and some people are ‘allergic’ to fingerprints. Do you feel as though we are speaking to you? Then choose a DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue Sleeves Matte.

The solid matte colors close perfectly around the DRIPPERDRIP® dispenser. This makes the DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue Sleeves Mat and the dispenser a solid whole. Because the DRIPPERDRIP® is mobile and can be taken anywhere, this also means that it must be able to take a knock. The material is fairly scratch and impact resistant so you won’t easily see damage. This also ensures that the DRIPPERDRIP® dispenser always looks neat and clean.

Piano Black

Deep dark black colors with our matte finish, class radiates from this DRIPPERDRIP® dispenser. The neutral matte black color is a favorite for everyone and fits in almost any surrounding.

Army green

Are you looking for a nice dark color that is slightly different from the standard black but not too conspicuous? Then choose our Army green sleeve! We see more and more shades of green recurring in, for example, offices, public spaces and people’s homes. When you enter an area where the color green is used, this DRIPPERDRIP® sleeve fits perfectly.

Milky White

Sleek, stylish and timeless are the 3 right words for this Off white sleeve. This design is also striking or anonymous at the same time. Depending on the surroundings, this beautiful matte white color stands out clearly or remains quietly in the background.

Ferrari Red

Nice and eye-catching, but we think that’s allowed. Show that hygiene is important to you with this red DRIPPERDRIP®. Of course it matches perfectly with your red car (if you have one) and with any other shade of red in your surrounding. This red DRIPPERDRIP® dispenser will not look out of place among all the brightly colored water bottles in the gym, just as an example.

Soft pink

This soft colored DRIPPERDRIP® dispenser is particularly popular with women. Matching for every occasion and will never look out of place with a woman. Depending on the surroundings, our soft pink DRIPPERDRIP® can appear both quiet and subdued as well as playful. Depending on the situation, it is an excellent solution.


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