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Vogue Cupholder Ring

If you don’t want your DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue to rattle or fall over when you place it in the cupholder of your car, truck or bus, we have developed a special ring for you that you can place in your cupholder. Then you put your DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue in the ring and it is solid like a rock. The DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue can be taken out just as easily as you put it in the ring. Super smart tool right?

  • With soft interior so your DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue won’t be damaged


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If you make a dispenser that you claim is the most unique and most stylish dispenser on the market, then you also need to make sure that everything you make for this dispenser is of the same high quality. The DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue Cupholder Ring may seem like a simple tool, but nothing could be further from the truth. Our designers have looked at and measured more than 800 cars from the inside. One cupholder is high, the other low, one is in the front and the other just below the armrest. In other words, a lot of different types, sizes and variations. So the DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue Cupholder Ring is a truly high quality designed tool that perfectly locks your DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue into the cupholder of just about any car.

The only patented automatic design dispenser for in the car!

Did you know that the DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue was originally designed to be placed in the cupholder of any car? There is no dispenser, bottle or any other alcohol gel for sale that you can use well and especially looks great in the car. Most of the bottles you get at the drugstore are too small, too big and even worse, you have to touch them by hand. So you have to imagine if your hands are infected with a virus that you first have to take your little bottle of alcohol gel out of your center console, or from your glove compartment and then grab the bottle and after rubbing the alcohol gel with your hands, grab the bottle again and store it in your glove compartment or center console. Do you see what’s going wrong here? You contaminate yourself again when you grab your bottle while you had just grabbed it with your infected hands. The DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue Cupholder Ring secures your DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue securely in your car and allows you to clean and disinfect your hands anytime and without grabbing anything, just by putting your hands in the mouth of the DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue.


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