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Vogue Wall Mount

The DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue wall mount is specially designed to hang the Vogue Dispenser on the wall. Hang your DRIPPERDRIP® alcohol dispenser in your hallway, by the stairs or on the toilet. The wall mount is made of steel with a plastic finish and is therefore extremely strong. Together with your DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue it forms a beautiful whole, a true eye-catcher!

  • Fixing with screws or double-sided tape
  • With unique lock so that the DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue dispenser cannot be detached


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Thoughtful design

Well, of course we could have made a straightforward mount. But our designers are a little too creative for that. A wall mount is only truly functional when it is user-friendly and perfectly supports the design of the DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue wall mount without compromising the aesthetics of the dispenser.

Hook-in system

You hook the dispenser diagonally into the two connections of the luxury design wall bracket. Then you place it straight on the plateau of the wall bracket and it is immediately fixed. If you don’t want to take the DRIPPERDRIP® with you anymore and want to leave it hanging permanently, you can choose to lock the DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue. You can do that with the included tool. The Dispensercan at that point no longer get stolen.

Motion sensor along with the luxury design wall bracket

As you may have read, the DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue wall mount has a super easy piece of technology in it, namely a motion sensor. This sensor detects a passer-by and therefore the dispenser tells the passer-by to disinfect his or her hands. It does this by emitting a subtle sound signal and turning the light in the mouth on. You can turn this great option on or off and you can also set the distance of the detection mode and the volume of light and sound.

So where is the best place to hang the DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue wall mount?

  • At home in the hallway. There where kids and other family members, family and friends walk in. You never have to ask them to disinfect their hands again, your DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue will do that for you. So you can let everyone in with peace of mind.
  • At the office stairs
  • At the entrance of your restaurant, hotel
  • In hotel rooms
  • At the entrance of your store or company
  • At the toilet
  • And all the other places we may have forgotten

How to mount the luxury design wall mount?

The luxury design wall mount fixes by screws in the wall or wood. You can also choose to use double sided tape. Both options are extremely strong and ensure that your DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue wall mount hangs securely. Please note that you always take the correct height of about 160cm measured from the top of the dispenser to the ground. This way you make sure that everyone can reach the dispenser.

If you have small children, it is better to place the dispenser at a height of 120cm.

The wall mount is a welcome addition to your DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue and if you find it annoying to take it off the wall every time you want to take it with you, well, I would recommend buying a second DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue right now and if you really want true convenience, take 1 for home (with the bracket), 1 for in the car and 1 for at work and the gym. This allows you to change sleeves around as well.


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