Stay healthy, disinfect or wash your hands as often as possible

For just 34.99 you have the best virus killer at home

Our disinfection gels kill more than 99.9% of all viruses and bacteria

Order your dispenser including cartridge from 34.99

Een echt Nederlands product, ontworpen in Brainport Eindhoven

Voor een paar tientjes bescherm je jezelf en anderen op een fijne en effectieve wijze

Tot 1 januari 2021 €30,- korting op elke Dripperdrip® naar keuze

EarlyBird Ticket (1 per dispenser)

  • You really can’t wait too long for your DRIPPERDRIP®?
  • Do you want to be able to use your own DRIPPERDRIP® as soon as possible and don’t want to join in at the back of the line?
    That can be arranged! ……………. Be sure to use the ‘EarlyBird’ Tickets
  • You don’t get a discount on your dispenser but you will get your delivery with the first group. We have a separate production line that will produce the first 100.000 pieces. So these will be delivered first for all those who can’t or don’t want to wait any longer. And of course Full=Full


Aantal Korting Price
NOTE: PRE-SALE, expected delivery from mid-November, Delivery based on order entry.

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What do you have to do for it?

Actually not that much, well you have to be on time because when the ‘EarlyBird’ tickets are sold out, you still have to start at the back of the line just like everyone else. Now production is going reasonably fast and we can make a great number of products but it is possible that so many are sold worldwide that it just takes longer. After all, everyone wants to own a DRIPPERDRIP®.

Just place your EarlyBird order of your dispenser in the Shop. In your shopping cart and at checkout you can add an EarlyBird ticket ( you pay €49,99 extra per dispenser) If you have reserved 3 dispensers and you click on EarlyBird, the system will automatically add 3 EarlyBird tickets. You can still change this yourself.

As long as the DRIPPERDRIP® VOGUE EarlyBird tickets are available they will be available in the shop.

Have fun with your DRIPPERDRIP® and stay healthy!

Owwww and by the way… check the site and the newsletter regularly because we are coming out with some very cool accessories, heavenly hand creams and other greasy things.


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