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The DRIPPERDRIP® alcohol dispensers are exclusively available on our website. DRIPPERDRIP® has developed the world’s finest disinfection and soap dispensers which can be fully personalized using a variety of sleeves/covers and accessories. These sleeves are easy to change, giving you a great new look for every setting.


The DRIPPERDRIP® dispenser is fun to personalize with one of our various sleeves. You can personalize your DRIPPERDRIP® as easily as you are able to do with your phone while using a case. DRIPPERDRIP has divided its sleeves into 4 categories: Metals, Prints, solid colors (gloss) and solid colors (matte). Do you want an extra sleeve or are you tired of your old sleeve? then choose a new sleeve here.


The DRIPPERDRIP® alcohol gel and soap cartridges are available exclusively from The cartridges are packed individually.

DRIPPERDRIP® Accessories

With just the DRIPPERDRIP® you’ve got a great and absolutely fantastic automatic dispenser in your home. Everyone loves the variations in sleeves. But we can get even crazier. Every month we introduce new accessories, so check our website and newsletters regularly to make your DRIPPERDRIP® even cooler, more chic, or more practical. What can you expect soon then? Haha we are not going to tell you yet, just check our site every now and then, because we are sure you will be very happy.


DRIPPERDRIP® Alcohol Dispenser

The demand for disinfectants is increasing due to the various flu surges, COVID19 and the increasingly strict requirements etc. We were looking for a portable alcohol dispenserourselves but soon discovered that all dispensers had a very industrial look & feel, this gave us an idea. DRIPPERDRIP® has therefore developed its own DRIPPERDRIP® alcohol dispenser with a modern and sleek design.

The world’s most beautiful alcohol dispenser

DRIPPERDRIP® has developed its own alcohol dispenser with a modern design. We were inspired by renowned brands such as B&O and Apple and came to this fantastic design. The DRIPPERDRIP® is a luxurious but above all beautiful alcohol dispenser that fits in any setting using the many sleeves we have added to our range.

Personal hygiene

Personal hygiene is increasingly important and the current situation has made us much more aware of this. DRIPPERDRIP® has not only developed an alcohol dispenser that looks great, but also one that is easy to take with you. The DRIPPERDRIP® is designed to fit in any car and special brackets are available to hang your DRIPPERDRIP®.

Creating your own DRIPPERDRIP®

The DRIPPERDRIP® alcohol dispenser comes in two colors: a white and a black version. Once you have ordered your DRIPPERDRIP® you can choose your own sleeve if you wish. With this sleeveyou can customize your DRIPPERDRIP® just like you can do with your cell phone.

DRIPPERDRIP® has a choice of various materials and colors. The different types we offer are:

High gloss colors
Matt colors

Order your DRIPPERDRIP® now and take advantage of the fantastic combo offer.