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By using ultra-fast and smart motion sensors, the DRIPPERDRIP® Dispenseronly responds when motion is detected within a certain range. This way you avoid unnecessarily wasting a lot of alcohol gel. Only in the ‘mouth’ of the dispenser detects movement and releases a precisely measured amount of alcohol gel or soap.
The motor that powers everything is of a durable quality and doses exactly what is needed to achieve a proper and effective hand cleaning.

You get a full 2 year warranty. We only do this if we are convinced of high quality components. If you would like a little more soap or alcohol gel on your hands or use your hand soap in your DRIPPERDRIP® Dispenser, you can adjust the dosage to more or less. This makes the DRIPPERDRIP® Dispenser the ultimate and only alcohol gel and/or soap dispenser on the global market.

Lighting, motion detector and patent

Turn your lighting on or off and set the intensity.

The motion detector in the mouth of the dispenser detects when someone passes by. You can set it up yourself how far it can detect. Upon detection, the lights in the mouth turn on and you hear a beep. This way, no one forgets to disinfect.

DRIPPERDRIP® has a patent on the anti-drip design. You put your hand in the cup, if you happen to get it wrong you won’t find your entire car or desk covered in alcohol…. Generally speaking desks and cars don’t like that very much.

All functions have simple buttons
  • light on/off, check!
  • Intensity high/low, check!
  • Battery still full…check.
  • Just a little more or less alcohol gel or soap on my hands, check!
  • Motion detector on/off, check!
  • Sound on/off, check!
Fully automatic with the best motors and sensors

The sensor that detects your hand in the mouth of the dispenser reacts in less than 0.25 sec, after which the dispenser drops the set dose of alcohol gel right on your hands. The pump is designed to do this at least 50,000 times.

Refills come in easy cartridges

No messy refilling of the dispenser. Empty cartridge goes out and a full one goes in. Really very simple. The cartridges are specially designed for the DRIPPERDRIP®. The use of cartridges other than DRIPPERDRIP® cartridges voids the warranty.

Connection for Wristband and accessories

You can further personalize your DRIPPERDRIP® by attaching your own wristband or piece of jewelry to the backbone using the specially designed connector.

Batteries or rechargeable?

The research team examined whether the DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue Dispenser should be equipped with a rechargeable battery that can be connected to the mains or other devices through USB. Even though a rechargeable battery is a good option, its ease of use and longevity do not match ordinary good batteries. The DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue Dispenser includes a battery indicator that shows the status of the battery. You can change the batteries right away and your DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue Dispenser is instantly up and running again. With a good set of batteries, the DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue Dispenser can be used for up to a year (with normal use) without even looking at your batteries.

Smart motion sensor

The sensor in the mouth already works fantastically on movement and controls the automated technique of the dispenser to dose alcohol gel or soap. But it didn’t stop there for us, we continued to develop the functionality. Because the DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue Dispenser can also be wall-mounted, other functions are also included. When motion is detected within 2 meters, a light will illuminate in the mouth of the DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue Dispenser. There will also be a subtle sound that will draw the attention of the person passing by. This person can then choose to use the DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue Dispenser right away. Of course the dispenser will only dose when movement is detected inside the mouth. The motion distance that the DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue Dispenser can detect is adjustable up to 2 meters. So even if you are forgetful and put your DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue Dispenser in the car, you can choose to turn on the detection mode. The DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue Dispenser will then let you know that you need to clean your hands every time you get in the car .

This is the ultimate training to gain awareness and not to forget to clean your hands regularly. How awesome is that! Now if you’re afraid your DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue Dispenser will keep beeping because you’re moving, no worries, of course we took that into consideration. As long as it detects movement after emitting a signal, the DRIPPERDRIP® Vogue Dispenser remains in a loop and will remain quiet.